Pictures Of Old Games

These are the favourite oldest games ever Super Mario Bros is a great game bad bit about was it took a pro gamer to complete in 5 mins now tahts quick takes me 20mins to complete using warp zones. Legend Of Zelda good game nothing to do play this game takes a day to complete I cant even kill one enemy without dying it is hard for me. Metroid great game for girls and boys because you play as Samus who is a girl in the suit called Zero Suit Samus great for a shooting game. Kirby is a pink thing which sucks up enemys and gets there abilities liek fire, water, ice and many more. Contra is a two player or one player shooting game you go around shooting people and shooting turrets the bosses on this game are hard i got to the last one with my uncle it was hard. When I mean hard I mean it.


!!More Pictures Coming Soon!!