The new console for Nintendo is the 3DS the games on it which are out and coming out is Steet Fighter 4, Rayman 3D, Lego Star Wars 3 The Clone Wars, The Sims 3 and many more to come. Mortal Kombat this is better than the old Mortal Kombat your can see loads of blood everywhere in this game. Call Of Duty Modern Warfare 3 is coming out soon you will be playing that all day.  The new Portal 2 is a rubbish game to buy because I was looking at reviews at this game and all you do is shot walls and a orange or blue walls comes and your meant to get to the end of the stage. There is a new game which is out or coming out called EA Create if you like Scribblenauts then this is a game for you because you make teleports and bikes and skateboards and its in 3D not Cartoon like Scribblenauts. The new Mortal Kombat is epic its the best combat game ever I was watching reviews of this game and I nearly died because it was so awesome. The new 3DS was about 20 to 30 games to come out this year and next year some of the games are old games which you can buy and play on the 3DS the graphics on the 3DS are amazing I went to see one they are epic. The Dead Or Alive new game on the 3DS is epic im getting it for my Birthday but it is epic worth the money like the 3DS you unlock costumes for the charaters and over stuff for the charaters can't tell you loads it will take me days to tell you. Halo 4 is coming out next year in the summer its going to be more better than Reach and its worth the money look at trailers and other stuff to do with Halo 4. So please buy Halo 4 I am and you may to its only coming out on X-Box 360 because its made by bungee who are putting the game on to the X-Box 360.


More games coming soon.